Training Mode
You can customize your technique as you want, by changing the reading speed, or the number of words to read, each reading technique has its own settings.
A lot of preset courses included, you can start training, by using these courses, you can consider them as a coach this is guiding you to the right direction.
You can enjoy playing games that have some focus on some area of the speed reading, like training your peripheral vision.
Extra Features

It has night mode and included books that you can start right a way practicing speed reading techniques.

Night Mode
You can enjoy practicing speed reading in the night, this will prevent the high light intensity to affect your eyes.
You can bookmark any part of the selected document, and start reading from the location that you've set.
The app has included library that has public domain books. You can start training.
The App Is Available For

It can adapt itself to the tablet display


It’s compatible for different screen sizes

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